Broas de Mel (Honey Cane Molasses)

Broas de Mel (Honey Cane Molasses)

Broas de Mel are the typical madeiran sweets and are made from sugar cane honey and are flavoured with various spices.

These sweets are typical on Christmas season.


1 kg flour
200 g butter
250 g hog's fat
700 g sugar
2 green lemons
2 tea spoons sodium bicarbonate
2 tea spoons cinnamon (worn out)
4 soup spoons molasses
4 eggs


First of all you have to knead all the ingredients until you get an homogenous and smooth dough. Then, with the dough, you have to make 1,5 cm diameter balls and put them on a tray.
Finally the trays go to the hot oven until they get cooked.

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