Carros de Cesto (Wicker Sledges)

Carros de Cesto (Wicker Sledges)

In addition to the more orthodox forms of transport, you can find a very original method of transport that is unique to Madeira: the carro de cesto (wicker sledge).

An exciting trip aboard one of these starts at Monte, ending up at Livramento. A thrilling ride - the ideal way to travel down from Monte after a trip by cable car.

The downhill journey is around 2km long and only takes 10 minutes. These sledges can reach speeds up to 48 km/hour.

The sledges are controlled by two "drivers" who run alongside the sled to keep control as it slides down the street.

These men, known as "carreiros! are dressed in the traditional white cotton clothes and a straw hat.

Don’t miss it.

For more information contact:
Carreiros do Monte - Sítio da Igreja- Monte

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