Serra de Água

Serra de Água

Serra de Água is a civil parish in the district of Ribeira Brava, in Madeira Island.

This civil parish is connected north of the road linking the municipalities of Calheta and Funchal, by a road linking Ribeira Brava abnd São Vicente.

Ribeira Brava is composed by four parishes, one of them being Serra de Água. The other three ones are Tabua, Campanário and Ribeira Brava.

Its nearest parishes are Tabua (west), São Vicente (northwest and northeast), Ponta Delgada (northeast), Curral das Freiras (east), Campanário (east) and Ribeira Brava (south).

The first Hidroelectric Central of the Archipelago of Madeira was established in te civil parish of Serra d'Água, in 1953.

This central is situated in Ribeira da Achada, just a few meters away of Ribeira do Poço, in Serra d'Água.

Its main industry is agriculture, although in the last few years local businesses have played an important role in the area.

Today, the civil parish has a nice and beautiful hostel, called "Pousada dos Vinháticos", where you can enjoy a charming accommodation. This is one of the best places to enjoy the natural beauty of the breathtaking surroundings, and the amazing wonders of Laurissilva Forest.



It has a pleasant and humid weather.
Serra de ÁGua civil parish has a pleasant weather all year long, with average temperatures between 16ºC, during winter and 27ºC, during summer.

Population Density:
In 2001, its population was about 12500 inhabitants, covering an area of 65.1km2.

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