Porto da Cruz

Porto da Cruz

The parish Porto da Cruz


A cross found by the navigators, between Ribeira da Manta and Ponta de São Lourenço, is in the origin of the name Porto da Cruz, which means harbour of the cross. Like in Machico, there is a legend behind the origin of this civil parish.


There are also accounts that state that the first explorers of Porto da Cruz planted a cross in the small bay that serves as harbour. Thus, the name.


What is a fact is that this civil parish is called Porto da Cruz.

The first lands cleared up on the northern coast were those of Porto da Cruz and Faial.

Historians believe that some close descendents from the first donee, Tristão Vaz, had uncultivated lands in this civil parish.


The precise date of the settlement is not known. However, it is known, that this was one of the first parishes being colonised.


One of the first settlers was one of Tristão Vaz Teixeira’s sons.

Accounts state that the old Leal family, owners of one of the wealthiest manor houses on the Island, located close to the chapel of S. João Nepomuceno, lived there.


In the centre of the parish a small hill can be seen with a charming house on top.

The main economic activities in the parish of Porto da Cruz include agriculture, trade and civil construction.


It has about 3.500 inhabitants, in an area of 2,513 hectares.

Porto da Cruz has a unique microclimate, with mild temperatures all year round. The climate is reflected in one of the ex libris of the parish: the American vine.


How to get there

From Funchal, take the freeway in the direction of Aeroporto (airport) and Machico. Follow the signposts to Porto da Cruz, either through the express way, which is quicker, or via the old Estrada Regional 101 (regional road). Porto da Cruz is right there.

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