São Gonçalo

São Gonçalo

The parish with the views


The civil parish of São Gonçalo was established in 1565. It is located east of the city of Funchal.

Given its development all the way up the hillside, from it you can have one of the most beautiful views over the city of Funchal.


As such, there is a considerable residential area on this side of the city, including hotel units and one of the two golf courses on Madeira Island – Palheiro Golfe, from where you can enjoy the beauty that characterises the city of Funchal.


Due to its positioning, on December 31 every year, the number identifying the New Year is placed on one of its hills, by the sea, welcoming the arrival of the New Year.

São Gonçalo has about 7,300 inhabitants, and an area of 708 hectares (1,750 acres).

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